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04/2015 Film Screening and Q&A with director Jocelyn Ford April 30th, 2015, 7 pm 145 9th Street, San Francisco 94117

6/18/2015 艺术家 方家麟(Jocelyn Ford)先后在东京和北京担任一档美国广播栏目《今日财经》的首席记者。在长达三十年的记者生涯中,她的足迹已遍布亚洲十七个国家。上世纪90年代,她关于“慰安妇”的突破性报道,帮助更多人了解到二战时期日本军队虐待女性的史实。2001年,方家麟任职中国国际广播电台,成为该台首位同时兼任直播新闻节目制作人和主持人的外籍职员。在中国的十多年来,她还从事过记者培训工作,也担任过一些新闻学院的客座教授。《无处为家》是她导演的首部纪录片,目前已在全球多个国家放映。

6/1/2015 by Emily T. Yeh Veteran radio correspondent Jocelyn Ford has produced a poignant and important documentary that follows the story of Zanta, a rural Tibetan migrant struggling to make a living in Beijing. The film weaves together narratives of female suffering and agency under patriarchal gender relations with the little-studied phenomenon of Tibetan migrants […]

12/26/2014 by Yulanda Wang A documentary film entitled Nowhere to Call Home, produced by independent documentary filmmaker Jocelyn Ford, was screened at Peking University in Beijing on December 24.

4/16/2014 New film sheds light on plight of Tibetan woman A new documentary has premiere in Brussels that tells the story of a poor, uneducated widow from Tibet, struggling to survive with son as a peddler on the streets of Beijing.

2014 Audio Network is excited to share that our music can be heard in the documentary, Nowhere To Call Home: A Tibetan In Beijing.

4/16/2014 by Katie Nelson Nowhere to Call Home follows a Tibetan farmer who leaves her village to work in Beijing for the sake of her son’s education despite overwhelming discrimination the two face amid the political strife that has gripped China and Tibet. The story is the first vérité film centered on Tibetan farmers who […]

5/9/2014 by Jeremy Blum There are over 10,000 Tibetans living in Beijing, many of them migrant workers that have moved to the Chinese capital from impoverished regions where the illiteracy rate lies at about 45 per cent.

“A touching encounter with a woman who, despite the difficulties, demonstrates admirable courage.” Un destin tibétain Zanta, veuve et mère d’un petit garçon, a quitté Barwo, village isolé des hauts plateaux tibétains à l’ouest de la Chine, pour Pékin. Elle a en effet décidé de scolariser son fils contre l’avis de sa belle-famille tyrannique. La […]

June 2015 “Zanta struggles to escape poverty, racism and humiliation. The portrait of this woman struggling against her “karma” is an uncompromising look– running counter to some ideas– which is focused on Tibet’s clan society and the difficulty of being Tibetan in China.” Victime de violences familiales et policières, Zanta se bat pour échapper à la […]

  7/9/2014 by Alessandra Spalletta I met director and Beijing-based journalist Jocelyn Ford in Brussels during the world premiere of her film at the “Millennium Film Festival” and I decided to interview her. She caught my attention because of her curiosity and her great sense of humanity.

  4/27/2015 by Eric Fish As Beijing-based reporter Jocelyn Ford was preparing for work one morning, she got a desperate call from a Tibetan woman named Zanta who she’d encountered selling jewelry on an overpass two years earlier. When they met, Zanta tried to give Ford her seven-year-old son.

  8/28/2014 by Matthew Bell Veteran radio journalist Jocelyn Ford admits she had an ulterior motive when she sat down on a Beijing sidewalk to chat with a Tibetan woman selling jewelry.

11/11/2014  by Shako Liu Jocelyn Ford had been a foreign correspondent for nearly three decades before making her first documentary, Nowhere To Call Home: A Tibetan in Beijing. The film follows Zanta, a Tibetan street vendor in China, and explores the lives of Tibetans in China, the discrimination and isolation they face, and their struggle […]

06/2015 mardi 30 juin à 21h45 (53 min) Barwo, un village isolé, se trouve sur les hauts plateaux tibétains, à l’ouest de la Chine. Depuis une dizaine d’années, plus d’un millier des paysans bouddhistes qui y vivaient ont émigré à Pékin, à 2 000 kilomètres de chez eux, pour tenter leur chance comme vendeurs ambulants.

06/2015 Ein tibetisches Schicksal Dienstag, 30. Juni um 21:10 Uhr (53 Min.) Zanta ist hin- und hergerissen zwischen der archaischen Lebensweise in ihrer Heimat Tibet und ihrer marginalen Existenz am Rande von Peking. Sie will ihrem kleinen Sohn Bildung und Zukunft ermöglichen. Die fesselnde Geschichte einer starken Frau, die das scheinbar Unmögliche erreichen möchte, gibt […]

1/1/2015   Tenzing Thabkhe: Your film is quite unique/rare in that you have not only screened it to audiences in both China and the Western world, but you are in the process of constantly editing and tailoring it to these various audiences. Given this, what scenes/narrative arcs/storylines have you found to have the most difficulty […]

1/15/2015    by Frank Langfitt An American filmmaker has made a documentary on Tibet. Those two elements alone might seem grounds for China’s Communist Party to ban it, but instead the film — Nowhere to Call Home — quietly has been making the rounds in China and winning praise from local audiences.