“Although we’ve lived in Beijing for nearly three years, and are familiar with various social issues, Jocelyn Ford introduced a new perspective that helped us re-examine the world around us. She helped us see our lives and society through the prism of a foreigner. This was a fresh experience, and the dialogue helped us identify some universal values, as well as some stereotypical ideas specific to China.”

 — Student, Minzu University of China (Ethnic Minorities University)


“We do face the same issues here in the United States. Poverty and discrimination are very real, everyday problems, in addition to the disenchantment with urban society.”

— High School Student (Washington D.C., U.S.)


“Among all the films I watched this semester, Jocelyn Ford’s NOWHERE TO CALL HOME touched me the most. The humanism expressed in the film exeeds the role of a journalist.”

— Student, Minzu University of China (Ethnic Minorities University)


“The film itself was a great story that really drew people in, but the discussion following the screening was even better. Jocelyn really reached her goal of fostering public discussion on ethnic minority issues/tolerance using the film. The film is not without controversies, but Jocelyn’s honesty about her relation with the subjects, her professionalism as a documentarian and her humanistic views tend to move even those who might be offended by some elements in the film. I can’t agree more with Jocelyn: this film is a unifying rather than a polarizing power, at least for those who are open to accepting others’ perspectives. It has reassured my desire to pursue documentaries.”

 — Rita CY Liao, College Student at Bowdoin College, Shenzhen, China


“You really inspired me and convinced me that being a foreign journalist/documentary maker is what i want to do with my life; I want to be able to a visual story teller touching on cultural issues that we normally aren’t aware of.”

— College Student, Leeds University, Leeds, UK


“The story about Zanta’s life was astounding and moving, but the circumstances of some people that the story presented was not unexpected. I believe this film can awaken our sense of empathy, which was always there, but long forgotten.”

— Chinese College Student, Sarah Lawrence College, New York, U.S., Beijing, China


“There was no greater pleasure than sitting in a the theater and being taken on a journey by you. My heart was touched from the beginning… Through your documentary I hope more people would pay attention to tibetan women’s rights, education, family fight. I will try my best to eliminate discrimination between Tibetans and Han Chinese.”

— Chinese College Student, UK, Suzhou, China