Award-winning Nowhere To Call Home premiered in the U.S. at the Museum of Modern Art in August 2014, and in China as the inaugural film at the new Center for Documentary studies at China Agricultural University in October 2014. The documentary has been translated into 11 languages, and been screened and broadcast on TV in over a dozen countries, including 50 screenings in China.


Feb. 3, 2017      Inalco, National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations, Paris (France)

Dec. 15, 2016      People’s University, Comparative Education Policy, Beijing (China)

Dec. 9, 2016      Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications (China)


Nov. 4, 2016      DocHouse, London (UK) (three screenings)

Nov. 2016           Semifinalist Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, Guangzhou (China)


Oct. 29, 2016      Carnegie-Tsinghua Center Intern Screening, Beijing (China)

Oct. 10, 2016      CET Beijing Chinese Studies, Beijing (China)


Sep. 15, 2016     Jamia Millia Islamia, Journalism school, Delhi (India)

Sep. 9, 2016      East West Center Media Conference, Delhi (India)

Sep. 7, 2016      Goethe Institute, Kolkata (India)

Sep. 3, 2016      Tribal Film Festival, Talequah, OK (U.S)


Aug. 31, 2016     Beijing American Center, Beijing (China)

Aug. 5, 2016       Journalism Education Association Summer Camp for H.S. students, Kunshan, Jiangsu (China)


June 25, 2016    Kyodo News Service staff screening, Osaka (Japan)

June 4, 2016      EMW Gallery Screening, Q&A, Cambridge, MA, (U.S)

June 4&10&18, 2016           Fuzhong 15 Film Festival, Taipei (Taiwan)

June 2, 2016      Colgate College screening, Q&A, Beijing (China)


May 31, 2016     Huey Deng High School, Yuanshan (Taiwan)

May 27, 2016     EMW Gallery opening premiere of 3 short Zanta films, Cambridge, MA (U.S)

May 25, 2016     Renda High School, Q&A, Beijing (China)

May 3, 2016       Peking University High School Dalton Academy, Beijing (China)

May 2, 2016       CET Beijing Chinese Studies, Beijing (China)


Apr 25, 2016      Nanjing University School of Journalism, Jiangsu (China)

Apr 22, 2016      International H.S. Counselors, Shanghai (China)

Apr. 19, 2016      Festival of Tibetan Films and Films about Tibet, Prague (Czech Republic)

Apr. 16, 2016      Central South Minorities University, Hubei (China)

Apr. 10, 2016      Cafe Gallery screening, Greenville, SC (U.S)


Mar. 20, 2016      The Bookworm, Beijing (Discussion with clips), Beijing (China)

Mar. 4, 2016        Xian University of Politics and Law, Xian (China)


Feb. 3, 2016         Drexel University, PA (U.S)

Feb. 1, 2016          Avenues High School, NY (U.S)


Jan. 27, 2016        Fletcher School, Tufts, MA (U.S)

Jan. 26, 2016        Stone-Leigh Burnham High School, MA (U.S)


Dec. 20, 2015        Private screening, Tibetan professors at the Party School and Minzu Daxue PhD students

Dec. 14&15, 2015   Screening and workshop, Confucius International School Chengdu (China)


Nov. 22, 2015       International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City, Dome Parque, Mexico City (Mexico)

Nov. 2015              Taichung (Taiwan)

Nov. 2015              National Taiwan university of the Arts, Taipei (Taiwan)

Nov. 2015              PTS Public Educational Television, Taipei (Taiwan)

Nov. 17, 2015        Tainan University of the Arts, Tainan (Taiwan)

Nov. 15, 2015        National Taipei University, Taipei City (Taiwan)

Nov. 14, 2015        Kaohsiung Film Archive, Kaohsiung City (Taiwan)

Nov. 14, 2015        Image Museum of Hsinchu Culture Bureau, Hsinchu City (Taiwan)

Nov. 14, 2015        Mountain Film International Filmfestival, Graz (Austria)

Nov. 11, 2015        People’s University Anthropological Frontier Seminar

Nov. 1, 2015          Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo (Japan)


Oct. 28, 2015        Tokyo University, Tokyo (Japan)

Oct. 27, 2015         Doshisha University, Kyoto (Japan)

Oct. 26, 2015         Kyoto Prefectural University, Kyoto (Japan)

Oct. 26, 2015         Kyoto Radio Cafe Live interview, Kyoto (Japan)

Oct. 25, 2015         Kansai Sophia University Alum「関西ソフィア会」, Osaka (Japan)

Oct. 23, 2015         Nihon Daigaku, Tokyo (Japan)

Oct. 14, 2015         Save The Children annual leadership meeting, Beijing (China)

Oct. 10, 2015         National Anthropology Association Annual Meeting, Guizhou (China)

Oct. 5, 2015           The Mira Forum art gallery, Porto (Portugal)

Oct. 5, 2015           CET Beijing Chinese Studies, Beijing (China)


Sep. 29, 2015        Renda Fuzhong class, Renmin University of China, Beijing (China)

Sep. 25, 2015        Renda Fuzhong class, Renmin University of China, Beijing (China)


Aug. 5, 2015        Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival (Portugal)

July 3, 2015        TV: Arte (German and French)

June 30, 2015    TV: Arte (German and French)

June 24, 2015    Global Times, Beijing (China)

June 19, 2015    KCAA Gallery, Beijing (China)


May 2015            Oberlin College, OH (U.S.)

May 20, 2015     The Canada-China Friendship Society of Ottawa (Canada)

May 19, 2015      Amherst Cinema, MA (U.S.)

May 6, 2015        Bartlesville, OK (U.S.)

May 3, 2015        Temple Beth Shalom, TX (U.S.)


Apr. 2015            Tibetan community screening, NY (U.S.)

Apr. 2015            Tibet Film Festival, Munich (Germany)

Apr. 2015            Asia Society Northern California, CA (U.S.)

Apr. 28, 2015       New Mexico State University journalism class, NM (U.S.)


Apr. 27, 2015      University of Texas, TX (U.S.)

Apr. 23, 2015      University of Michigan, MI (U.S.)

Apr. 21, 2015       New York University, Robert L. Bernstein Institute for Human Rights, NY (U.S.)

Apr. 2015             Penguin Editors, Beijing (China)

Apr. 2015             Conference: Visual Anthropology and Contemporary Chinese Culture, Beijing (China)

Apr. 2015             Royal Asiatic Society, Beijing (China)

Apr. 2015             People’s University High School discussion with Tibetan students, Beijing (China)

Apr. 2015             British Council, Beijing (China)


Mar. 2015             People’s University High School, Beijing (China)

Mar. 2015             TV: Slovenian National TV, (Slovenia)

Mar. 2015             Crossroads community center for NGOs, Beijing (China)

Mar. 2015             Beijing Foreign Studies University journalism class, Beijing (China)


Feb. 2015              University of Manchester, Manchester (UK)

Feb. 2015              University of Birmingham, Birmingham (UK)

Feb. 2015              University of Leeds, Leeds (UK)

Feb. 2015              Frontline Club journalist, London (UK)

Feb. 2015              Chatham House, London (UK)

Feb. 2015              London School of Economics, London (UK)

Feb. 2015              University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh (UK)

Feb. 2015              Nottingham University, Nottingham (UK)

Feb. 2015              Oxford University, Oxford (UK)

Feb. 2015              University of Newcastle, Newcastle (UK)

Feb. 2015              University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth (UK)


Jan. 2015              Peking University High School, Beijing (China)

Jan. 2015              Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Beijing (China)

Jan. 2015              Shenzhen Pengxing Anti-Domestic Violence Center, China’s first nongovernmental anti-domestic violence center, Shenzhen (China)

Jan. 2015              Nuyou Group, NGO for female sexual minority rights, Guangzhou (China)

Jan. 2015              Waterside Bar and performance space, Guangzhou (China)

Jan. 2015              V-BUS volunteer training center, Guangzhou (China)

Jan. 2015              Conference: Modernity and Culture, Shanghai (China)

Jan. 2015              Shanghai Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Shanghai (China)


Dec. 2014              People’s University anthropology class, Beijing (China)

Dec. 2014              Peking University journalism class, Beijing (China)

Dec. 2014              Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, Kathmandu (Nepal)

Dec. 2014              Peking University High School, Beijing (China)


Nov. 2014              Bowdoin College, ME (U.S.)

Nov. 2014              NYU China-Asia Law Institute screening for PRC law scholars, NY (U.S.)

Nov. 2014              DocsDF International Film Festival, Mexico City (Mexico)


Oct. 2014               Conference: Anthropology, Modern World, and Cultural Transformation (Speaker), Beijing (China)

Oct. 2014               People’s University, Beijing (China)

Oct. 19, 2014         China Agricultural University Center for Documentary Studies, China premiere, Beijing (China)


Sept. 2014             Foreign Languages University International Study Abroad, Beijing (China)

Sept. 2014             Trace Foundation, NY (U.S.)

Sept. 2014             U.S. State Department, DC (U.S.)

Sept. 2014             Maret High School, DC (U.S.)

Sept. 2014             Duke University, NC (U.S.)


Aug. 23 & 29 2014,    Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) ContemporAsian Film Series, NY (U.S.)

July 2014               TV: Estonian National, (Estonia)

July 2014               Parnu Documentary Film Festival, Parnu (Estonia)


June 2014              Foreign Correspondents Club of China, Beijing (China)

June 2014              Central University for Nationalities, Beijing (China)


May 2014               Xinhua News Agency , Beijing (China)

May 10 & 12, 2014    DocMunich Film Festival, Munich (Germany)


Apr. 20, 2014       The Museum of Modern Art, NY (U.S)

Apr. 2014               Millennium International Documentary Film Festival, World Premiere (Belgium)

Mar. 27, 2014        Association of Asian Studies, cademic preview screening, Philadelphia, (U.S.)

Mar. 11, 2014         East West Center Media Conference, media preview screening, Yangon (Myanmar)