Award-winning Nowhere To Call Home premiered in the U.S. at the Museum of Modern Art in August 2014, and in China as the inaugural film at the new Center for Documentary studies at China Agricultural University in October 2014. The documentary has been translated into 11 languages, and been screened by more than 100 venues and TV stations in over a dozen countries.


Museum of Modern Art Lens on Tibet (U.S.)

Japan Prize (Japan Foundation president’s Award) (Japan)

Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival semi-finalist (China)

DocMunich Film festival (Germany)

Millenium International Documentary Film Festival (Belgium)

Center for Documentary Studies Inaugural Film, China Agricultural University (China)

DocsDF (Mexico)

Parnu Documentary Film Festival (Estonia)

Shanghai Regional Anthropology Conference Keynote Event, Huadong University (China)

Bernstein Center for Human Rights Inaugural event, New York University (U.S.)

Filmes do Homem-Melgaço International Documentary Festival (Portugal)

Tibetan Filmfest in Munich (Germany)



Peking University, Beijing, (China)

NYU China-Asia Law Institute, New York, (U.S.)

Oxford University, Oxford, (UK)

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Beijing, (China)

Inalco (National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations), Paris, (France)

Renmin University, Beijing, (China)

Minzu University of China (Ethnic Minorities University), Beijing, (China)

Duke University, North Carolina, (U.S.)

London School of Economics, London, (UK)

China Agricultural University, Inaugural film, Center for Documentary Studies, Beijing, (China) 

New York University, Inaugural film, Robert L. Bernstein Institute for Human Rights, New York, (U.S.)

Foreign Languages University, Beijing, (China)

New Mexico State University, Confucius Institute, New Mexico, (U.S.)

Bowdoin College, Maine, (U.S.)

Oberlin College, Ohio, (U.S.)

University of Manchester, Manchester, (UK)

University of Edinburgh, Confucius Institute, Edinburgh, (UK)

University of Birmingham, Birmingham, (UK)

University of Leeds, Leeds, (UK)

Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, (China)

University of Texas,Confucius Institute, Texas, (U.S.)

University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, (UK)

University of Michigan, Michigan, (U.S.)

Nottingham University, Nottingham, (UK)

University of Newcastle, Newcastle, (UK)



Association of Asian Studies annual conference, Philadelphia, (U.S.)

Anthropology conference: Anthropology, Modern World, and Cultural Transformation, Beijing, (China)

Asia Society Northern California, California, (U.S.)

Anthropology Conference, Shanghai 3rd Anthropological Cutting-edge Forum, Shanghai, (China)

Minzu University of China (Ethnic Minorities University) Visual Anthropology Conference, Beijing, (China)

Royal Asiatic Society, Beijing, (China)

East West Center Media Conference, Yangon, (Myanmar)

East West Center Media Conference, Delhi, (India)



Peking University High School, Beijing, China

Renmin University High School, Beijing, China

Maret High School, Washington D.C., U.S.

Confucius International School, Chengdu, China

JEA Investigative Journalism Camp, Kunshan, (China)


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