Nowhere To Call Home has been selected to compete in festivals in over a half dozen countries. Accolades include:


The Japan Foundation President’s Prize
An excellent work that encourages mutual understanding among nations and races or contributes to cultural exchange     

Millenium International Documentary Film Festival (Belgium)     Special  Mention

Trento Film Festival (Italy)    The Cassa Ruraleto Di Trento Solidarity Award

Film Festivals & Events


Museum of Modern Art, ContemporAsian Film Series (U.S.)   

DocMunich Film festival (Germany)

Millenium International Documentary Film Festival (Belgium)

Center for Documentary Studies Inaugural Film, China Agricultural University (China)

DocsDF (Mexico)

Parnu Documentary Film Festival (Estonia)


Shanghai Regional Anthropology Conference Keynote Event, Huadong University (China)

Bernstein Center for Human Rights Inaugural film, New York University (U.S.)

Filmes do Homem-Melgaço International Documentary Festival (Portugal) 

Tibetan Filmfest in Munich (Germany)